Best Band Saw For Home Shop in 2023 – Budget and Premium

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In search of the best band saw for the home shop? Look no further! Best Tool Center‘s list has been carefully curated to include only the absolute best band saws on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a powerful machine to handle heavy-duty projects or a more compact model for more delicate work, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs on this list. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your new band saw today!

1. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit

The Milwaukee 242921XC M12 Cordless SubCompact Bandsaw Kit is perfect for small projects. You can use it to cut through metal, wood, and other materials. The saw is powerful enough to get the job done but small enough to be easy to use and store. It comes with a battery and charger, so you can start using it right away.
Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit
  • One-Handed Cuts: Most compact size and lightest weight of any cordless band saw; SFPM: 280
  • Powerful Motor: Cuts 3/4" EMT in 3 seconds, up to 150 cuts per charge with the XC battery; Blade Length: 27” x ½” x .020"
  • 1-5/8" Cut Capacity: For a wide range of applications; LED Light: Highlights the cut line
  • Meets OSHA Guarding Requirements: Suitable for One-Handed use; Length: 11 "
  • Blade Tension Adjustment: Adjustable blade tracking; Voltage: 12V, Tool Warranty 5 Years
– Very compact and lightweight.
– Can be used in tight spaces.
– Powerful and cut through different materials.
– Has a variable speed trigger.
– Does not have a blade brake.
– The battery life is not very long.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX* Portable Band Saw

The DEWALT 20V MAX Portable Band Saw is a powerful and compact saw that is perfect for any job site. This saw can easily be cut through metal, plastic, and wood, making it the perfect tool for any project. The saw is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport to and from the job site.
DEWALT 20V MAX* Portable Band Saw, Tool Only (DCS371B)
  • 2-1/2-inch cut capacity of the metal band saw cuts up to 2-inch SCH 40 pipe
  • Centered handle position of the portable band saw provides superior balance and ergonomics and allows for more accurate cuts and less user fatigue
  • LED Work Light with 20 second delay illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting of DEWALT band saw.
  • Integrated hang hook allows user to hang the saw without damaging the front handle or base
  • Blade tracking adjustment increases blade life by providing better blade tracking
– The band saw is powerful and can handle a variety of materials.
– It is versatile and can be used for a variety of projects.
– It is portable and can be taken with you wherever you go.
– It is easy to use and very user-friendly.
– The band saw can be a bit expensive for some people.
– It is not as durable as some of the other band saws on the market.

3. WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw

The WEN 94396 10Amp 5Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw is a great tool to have in your workshop. It’s powerful and easy to use, and it makes quick work of cutting through metal and wood. This band saw is perfect for small projects, and it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. It has a variable speed control that lets you adjust the speed to match the project you’re working on, and the 10-amp motor provides plenty of power.

WEN Portable Band Saw for Metal, 10-Amp, Variable Speed, Handheld (94396)
  • Huge cutting capacity makes cuts up to 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep
  • Variable speed operation adjusts the blade speed anywhere from 60 to 420 feet per minute
  • Powerful 10-amp motor glides through metal, plastics, and more
  • Lightweight portable design weighs in at a mere 14.5 pounds
  • Features a 10/14 TPI metal-cutting blade, an adjustable front handle, ball-bearing blade guides, an external blade tensioning lever, and a two-year warranty

– WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw is a versatile and powerful tool.
– This band saw is easy to use.
– It is a durable and reliable tool.
– WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw is a bit heavy.
– This band saw is a bit expensive.

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4. Anbull Portable Band Saw 

The Anbull Portable Band Saw is a lightweight and compact band saw that is perfect for cutting through metal, wood, and plastic. It features a high-torque motor that provides plenty of power for even the most challenging cuts, and its precision blade ensures accurate and clean cuts every time. Plus, the Anbull Portable Band Saw is easy to use. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to set up and operate, and its ergonomic design ensures that you will be able to work with it comfortably for extended periods of time.

Anbull Portable Band Saw with Upgraded Removable Alloy Steel Base, 45°-90° Metal Cutting, 10A 1100W Motor, 5-inch Deep Cut, with .025-by-44-7/8-Inch 14 TPI Saw Blade and Led Spotlight
  • Upgraded New Removable Alloy Steel Base: The handheld bandsaw base weights 6.6kg/14.6 lb and also can be Swiveled angle from 0 - 45°. It is easy to disassemble the base. With this workbench base, you can keep the cutting material does not slide, safe and convenient. Especially for precision cutting work.
  • The Cutting Capacity: without base :5-by- 4-3/4 In. deep-cut capacity for rectangular stock, 5 In. capacity for round stock , with base: 4-by- 3-1/5 In. deep-cut capacity for rectangular stock, 4 In. capacity for round stock. Variable-speed dial, 100-350 feet per minute, for specific materials and various applications
  • Superior balance allows for more accurate cuts.Ergonomic soft grip back handle provides comfort during use. Serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers allow guards to withstand jobsite abuse. The saw blade guard can be adjusted to protect the saw blade from jamming and safer without hurting your hands.
  • 1100W Powerful Pure Copper Motor: Industry best 10 amp motor designed with controlled power to withstand any jobsite application. Cutting steel will not produce sparks, no burrs, and the cut incision is smooth with no burns. Fits for cutting metal ,steel, aluminum, composite cables, angle iron, PVC pipe and so on.
  • About Band Saw Blades: Intalled with a .02-by-44-7/8-Inch 14 TPI blade and it is common found and you can buy same size blade as replacement in future. The saw blade has a long service life, and one saw blade is equal to 5 grinding wheels. You can install 3 kinds of saw blades, TPI10-14, TPI14-18, TPI24, choose different saw blades according to different materials in future.

– Inexpensive
– Can be used for a variety of tasks
– Relatively easy to use
– Powerful
– The blades can be difficult to change
– Can be difficult to keep the saw in a straight line

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5. Makita XBP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw

This saw can handle a wide range of cutting tasks, thanks to its versatile design and powerful motor. It’s also easy to use, thanks to its comfortable grip and intuitive controls. The Makita XBP02Z 18V LXT LithiumIon Cordless Portable Band Saw is ideal for cutting metal, plastic, and wood. Its powerful motor can handle up to 400 cuts per charge, making it a great choice for projects of all sizes. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store.

Makita XBP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw, Tool Only
  • 4-3/4" Cutting capacity accepts a 44-7/8" Blade and is ideal for cutting multiple metal materials
  • Makita-built motor delivers faster cutting with variable speed 275-530 ft./min.
  • Protection circuit with built-in alert light provides over-torque motor protection warning for increased durability
  • Trigger switch with lock-off feature requires two actions to power on the band saw
  • Conveniently located variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application

– The Makita XBP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Portable Band Saw is very easy to handle.
– It is a powerful saw that can cut through almost anything.
– The saw has a long battery life.
– The saw is accurate.
– The saw is quite heavy.


1. Is there a difference between a band saw and a jigsaw?

A band saw uses a blade that is continuous, while a jigsaw uses a blade that is reciprocating. Both types of saws are used for cutting wood, but a band saw is typically used for larger projects, while a jigsaw is better suited for smaller projects.

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2. What is the best band saw for the home shop?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the best band saw for a home shop will vary depending on the specific needs of the user. However, some of the things to consider when choosing a band saw for a home shop include the size of the project, the type of wood being cut, and the budget.

3. What are the different types of band saws?

There are two main types of band saws: portable and stationary. Portable band saws are smaller and lighter, making them easier to transport and store. Stationary band saws are larger and more powerful, making them better suited for larger projects.

4. What are the different parts of a band saw?

The different parts of a band saw include the blade, the motor, the table, the fence, and the stand. The blade is the most important part of the saw, as it determines the type of cuts that can be made. The motor powers the blade, while the table provides support for the workpiece. The fence helps to guide the blade, and the stand provides stability for the saw.

5. What are the safety features of a band saw?

Band saws come with a variety of safety features, including a blade guard, a power switch, and a brake. The blade guard helps to protect the operator from the blade, while the power switch helps to prevent the saw from accidentally turning on. The brake helps to stop the blade from moving, in case of a power outage.

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